Welcome to Hansa

Have you ever heard about “Programming Independent Program”?

  • You might have spent very huge amounts of money for any Software Company to build a suitable system for your business. But most of the cases you end up with 50 to 70 percent of user acceptance level and rest you compromise. Have you ever achieved 100% user acceptance?
  • How much money do you spend when you want enhancements and further development after purchasing contract?
  • Have you ever felt that there should be a system that allows your administrator to mend the software according to your growing needs and that too without doing any programming?
  • Could you evaluate or quantify the return on your IT investment?
  • Have you ever estimated how much manual work is reduced or how much complex work is increased due to improper implementation of the system?
  • Have you ever estimated that how much precious paper is being wasted with your system? Is your office paperless?

  • So do you need an intelligent system that understands your present and future needs?
  • So do you need a flexible system that allows you to plug-in modules with ease and low cost?

Then you are here!

Hansa Solutions supports your business by implementing intelligent, simplified and beauteous software systems. Our only mission is to build highly intelligent systems that understand your present and future needs, helps you be independent, lesser intervention of programming after purchase, more easy plug-in solutions for your future development.

We have already achieved our mission and our satisfied esteemed customers tell you how happy they are with the systems that we developed for them and how they grow their business without worrying about the implementation of Information Technology ----- and we continue our mission.