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Insurance One is a comprehensive system that has inbuilt features of Workflow. There is no need to have separate workflow integration. This workflow is unique in its functionality as this is native for Insurance process.
Configurable Workflow
This is a unique feature of Insurance One. The workflow can be defined by the administrator. Any number of chains, sub-chains, processes and sub-processes can be defined. Users can be associated to each phase of the workflow that makes more dynamic and secured.
Extended configuration
The workflow configuration is extended even up to calling several screens and assigning them to phases, setting up of privileges with several complex options that are needed during the process.
Administrator can organize the workflow configuration and user assignment to respective phases or chains. The robust GUI helps the administrator to create roles and phases with an option to switch on and switch off.
Most of the workflows are single layered workflow with a centralized office functioning. But Insurance One workflow is having higher dimensions. It can be extended to multi-layers like Divisional Offices, Regional Offices, Corporate Office, etc., which creates chain with in the circle and links to other circles too.
Authority Grids
Most complex model is to accommodate authority girds for respective permissions to approve or process cases. Many a times it will be based on not just one rule but on multiple parameters. Insurance One will accommodate all such scenarios.
Task Distributor
This is an optional feature. The task distributor allocates the threads to respective authorized users. This works on the configuration done at workflow phases. However, this option can be turned off/on as per the requirement.
Important Features:
Arrow Completely Configurable
Arrow Spawn Threads
Arrow Multiple Processes
Arrow Cross Process
Arrow Multi-Layer
Arrow Allocation Matrix
Arrow Authority Matrix
Arrow Escalations
Arrow Emails
Arrow Letters