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Rule Engine
Rule Engine
Insurance One is built upon four major pillars and Rule Engine is one among the four. Rule Engine is a very robust. Most complex rules for Insurance can be built in here with no development of custom coding or learning any special language, unlike other rule engines. The typical interface helps the administrator to manage rules and accordingly the behaviour or computations would change in the process.
Rules can be categorized per process or per activity, which makes a simpler way of accessing the rules. The logical representation of each rule will be purely functional and nothing looks like development or software engineering.
Rule Engine can trigger workflow, create checklists, validates, computes, displays and returns values. Computation will be very astonishing to users when they can write mathematical formulas as they used to write. Insurance One Rule Engine will automatically interpret as per BODMAS principles and also evaluates the variables or definitions given in the formula.
Like to compute a claim value the Sum Assured less agent commission, last instalment premium is paid then the notation would be: SumAssured AgentCommisison LastInstalment.

It will be that simple.
Rule Based