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Group Insurance Solution
Group Insurance Solution
The name HANSA has been branded as pioneering solutions company in Insurance industry with 90% market capture.
One Solution
Changing dimensions of business needs and complexity in integration of umpteen systems at different levels of system maturity and platforms driven us to think on One Solution.

It is this and it is this... Insurance One G.

The system is designed with a highly dedicated team that has expertise on Insurance Solutions and having experience in insurance processes, end user needs and business cases.
Insurance One G is one solution for Group Insurance Business. It comprises of Quotation, Underwriting, Claims, New Business, Policy Servicing, Reinsurance, Portals and many more modules which can be chosen independently or as complete Suit. It supports Group Gratitude, Group Savings, Group Term, and Group Unit Linked Plans.
The complexity of group business administration is handled with a new approach than the conventional systems. Insurance One G gives a robust configuration interface to build complex models through Rule Engine, Workflow and Master Wizards.
Important Features:
Arrow One Robust and Easy Solution for Group Policy Administration
Arrow Quotation Management
Arrow Reinsurance Pricing Management
Arrow Easy Product Configuration
Arrow Group Gratuity, Group Savings, Group Term, Group Unit Linked are Supported
Arrow Group Policy Holder Portal
Arrow Group Member Portal
Arrow Auto Accounting Through Portals
Arrow Robust Appropriation Models
Arrow Inbuilt Reinsurance
Arrow Lesser Batch Runs
Arrow Hazel Free Maintenance
Arrow Lowest Operative Cost
Arrow Highest Efficiency
Quotation & Pricing
Insurance One G quotation modules gives a simple quote management solution, while keeping the track of versioning, the configurable workflow with rule engine makes the quotation system run efficiently.
Important Features:
Arrow Quotation Illustration
Arrow Pricing and Product Customization
Arrow Quotation to Group Policy Conversion
Arrow Emails, SMS Integration
Arrow Customer Profile Management
Arrow Workflow
Arrow Document Upload
Arrow Print Quotation
Arrow Quotation Management
All the cases above FCL limit will be handled in Underwriting module. Insurance One Gs Underwriting module is very comprehensive that renders Medical and Financial Underwriting. There are several features in this system including numerical rating method, financial eligibilities, reinsurance facultative shopping arrangements and requirement tracking.
Insurance One Gs Individual Underwriting module has inbuilt workflow, rule engines, document management core Underwriting engine. The workflow is having business intelligence and comprises of multi-layer workflow and it is fully configurable.
Rule Engine is very robust, where users can configure all underwriting rules and conditions.
Important Features:
Arrow Complete Medical Underwriting, EMR Rating
Arrow TPA Integration
Arrow Medical Billing Management
Arrow Auto Adjustment of Proposal Deposits
Arrow Facultative Business Integration with Reinsurers
Arrow Exhaustive Rating Sheet
Claims Process is one of the most Robust and faster system.

All the rules and computations are configured by Actuarial setup to avoid duplication of activities at claims process level.

Claims Module is very exhaustive and complete module for efficient performance. It comprises of all types of claims.
Important Features:
Arrow Death, Maturity, Survival, Health and Gratuity Claim Processing
Arrow Robust Admin Driven Rule Engines
Arrow Inherent Claim Accounting
Arrow Inherent Reinsurance Solution Claim Accounting
Arrow Claim Underwriting
Arrow Claim Accounting, Settlement/Disbursement
Arrow Integration with Finance System
Arrow Inherent Workflow
Arrow Inherent Document Management
Arrow Auto Reminder and Follow up
Arrow Mail Approval
Arrow Claims Tracking
Arrow Claim Disbursement Tracking
Arrow TPA Billing, Accounting and Tracking
Arrow Easy Integration with Investigation Team
Arrow Quick Disposal of Claims
Arrow Claim Approval is Claim Paid to Claimant
Arrow Claim Settlement and Reconciliation with Reinsure is Fully Automated
Arrow Complete Tracking till Dispatch and Receipt of Claim Amounts by Cadent
Arrow Legal Issue Tracker
Group Policy Administration System
Important Features:
Arrow Group Policy Creation, Member Attachments
Arrow Renewals with Additions, Deletions and Upgrade
Arrow Group Policy Accounting
Arrow Fund Maintenance
Arrow Suspense Balance Accounting with FIFO/LIFO
Arrow Premium Appropriation
Arrow Group Policy Renewals and Termination
Arrow Reinsurance Administration
Arrow Product Setup
Arrow Valuation
Policy Accounting
Important Features:
Arrow Double Entry System
Arrow Suspense Deposit Appropriation
Arrow Renewal Premium Appropriation
Arrow Commissions Appropriation
Arrow Claims Appropriation
Arrow Deletions, Changes Appropriation
Arrow Funds Appropriation
Arrow Reinsurance Premium, Claims & Chargeback Appropriation
Arrow T-Codes, Chart of Accounts