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Enterprise Integration Solution
Enterprise Integration Solution
Easy ExCom
This is one of the most critical pillars for Insurance One. It is the gateway for Insurance One to its core or connects to other Policy Admin System or to any other external systems. All the DB activities to external systems are handled by this service.

This service can connect to any external system and synchronize data between Insurance One and the other systems. The robust mapping engine helps the table to table and column to column mapping, transforming all data types and formats. The service can identify automatically, whether there should be an insert or update required based upon the configuration. There are several batch services that are organized by this service for all required activities.
Important Features:
Arrow Excom is DB communication between two databases/Application
Arrow Easy data synchronization
Arrow Intelligence on transaction and data synchronization
Arrow Robust transaction management
Arrow Easy Configuration
Arrow Database Mapping Tool
Arrow Rollback and Audit trails
Arrow Unique module that can be integrated with any Database