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Insurance Expert Services
Insurance Expert Services
Today the insurance industry across the globe is facing multifarious challenges on account of both dwindling premium receipts (due to a highly competitive market) and rising operating costs, increased cost per member/policy holder and higher loss ratios, fragmented and broken processes resulting in duplicate & missing records, use of legacy systems increasing manual interventions, lack of skilled resources to manage and handle seasonal fluctuations for any spikes in new business inflows and increasing pressure and strictures from the regulatory & compliance authorities. It has therefore become imperative for the insurance carriers and the third party administrators to look for more cost-effective options to improve the diminishing bottom-line and operational efficiencies.
Hansa has enabled insurance companies to defy challenges and improve business performance. We have drawn on the full breadth of our domain expertise and technological capabilities to help insurance companies implement solutions designed to deliver business outcomes. Our unique approach offers a business outcome-based model thus adding certainty to the clients’ business; enabling them to derive maximum value at increasing business efficiency levels.
Hansa one of the largest full spectrum service providers for the Insurance industry, has developed solutions that enable insurers to grow their business while streamlining operations and remaining compliant. We assist our clients in achieving real differentiation
Hansa offers innovative and highly competitive solutions for insurance offerings – Life & Reinsurance – spread across the entire value chain from new business to policy administration to claims processing. Hansa suite of comprehensive service offerings have helped several clients to deliver a high quality of service, significant cost take-outs, improved process efficiencies and compliance to regulatory guidelines. We leverage deep domain expertise, seasoned experts experienced in proven Third-Party Administration and 'back office' capabilities, due diligence and stringent monitoring practices to deliver strategic business value to our global clients